Partner with Promax for your next project.
Promax understands what it takes to grow a business in a tough economy. We are here to help. We offer free estimates in a time-efficient manner. We know time is precious. Gathering bids for a construction project can take weeks. Let Promax be your construction advocate and negotiate on your behalf. We have the experience to get the job done right and control costs. Plumbing, electrician, carpenter, and other specialist bills start to add up. Many of them charge by the hour and maybe even run the clock. We see this practice all the time. We work on a budget and do not charge by the hour. We will offer a bid with a upfront cost so you know what to expect so there are no unfortunate surprises. Promax has been contracted by major corporate clients including Menards, Walgreens, Wells Fargo, and Fannie Mae. We are happy to work with our corporate clients to achieve their goals and provide exceptional service.